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Marin Bike Serial Number Lookup !LINK!

Replacement derailleur hangers can be purchased through your local Marin Bikes dealer or US customers can visit our online store. Have your bike's serial number and model name handy when contacting a dealer for your replacement part. This will help them order the correct part for you. Your serial number can be found underneath the frame around the bottom bracket (area of frame where the cranks are attached to the bike). A replacement hanger chart can be found on our resources page.

marin bike serial number lookup

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A serial number located on a rear dropout. Some BMX bikes and a few Schwinn bicycles place the serial on the rear dropout. On older Schwinns there are numbers stamped on both the drive side and non-drive side rear dropouts; the one on the non-drive side dropout is the serial number.

This recall involves Marin 2014 model MBX 50 and Tiny Trail boys and girls bicycles with 16-inch knobby tires. The single speed bicycles have high-rise handlebars and training wheels. The boy's bicycles were sold in red and have serial number HA14980XXXXXX. The girl's bicycles were sold in purple and have serial number HA14982XXXXXX. Serial numbers are printed on a foil label affixed to the underside of the base of the down tube. "Marin" is printed on the seat and the downtube. "Tiny Trail" or "MBX 50" is printed on the bicycles chain guard.

A bicycle serial number is a unique number allocated to your bike by the manufacturer. It helps the manufacturer and bike shops with inventory, making it easier to match compatible parts to that bike.

You use the serial number to register your bike with the various registration schemes such as Bike Index, Bike Register and Project 529. If the police recover your bike, they'll use the serial number to link it to you.

The pictures will come especially handy if you have to hand them over to the police if your bike gets stolen. Chances are that you will also find a sticker next to the serial number. These stickers are proof of warranties that are put there by the manufacturers, if there is a need for replacement or repairs, the stickers will be the verification you need.

You should know that the bike make and model are very important and the manufacturers consider them first, the reason is that sometimes, some models get discontinued thus it becomes very difficult to gather information about them. Bike serial numbers are also very important, nowadays you see that many people are using fake/counterfeit so authentic serial numbers help manufacturers track their bikes.

First things first- what is a bike serial number? Simply put, a bike serial number, also called a bike frame number, is a string of numbers with anywhere between six to ten digits. Each and every bicycle has a unique serial number assigned by its manufacturer.

Now, how do you read a bike serial number? The answer somewhat depends on the bike brand or manufacturer, since each one has their own metrics on how to assign these identifying digits onto a bike or bike part.

That said, the first digit/s usually indicate the year when the bicycle was made, the second set of digits representing the month, and the last few digits indicating the assembly and individual ID of the bicycle. The easiest way to read the bike serial number is by using a bicycle serial number decoder for the specific brand of your bike.

Yes, electric bicycles have serial numbers as well. This number identifier can be found at the same places that the serial number would appear on a traditional pedal bike, so you can start your search around these locations.

This kit comes with a tamper and weather resistant sticker and a unique identifier, similar to an actual bike serial number. Just stick it to your preferred location on the bicycle frame, and it will stay there permanently, so you can use it to track your bicycle if it ever gets stolen.

Aside from knowing your bike serial number which helps you track down a stolen bike, there are a few other things you can do to really safeguard your bicycle and prevent it from getting stolen in the first place. These include:

Remember, knowing (and keeping copies) of your bike serial number is a must to keep your bike safe, and to help you get it back if it gets lost or stolen. This way, individuals and institutions can help you look for and identify your bike by serial number and registration.

Additionally, cyclists can register bicycle frame numbers with online bike databases, free of charge! By logging your serial number and bike details, if your bike was stolen, you can mark it on the database as stolen.

Alternatively, some manufacturers use a completely random combination of numbers that are logged in their database. Then, when searched for, the relevant information of the bike in question is pulled up.

Serial numbers of electric bikes are found in the same location as other types of bikes. The most common location for an e-bike serial number is the underside of the bottom bracket shell, followed by the headset, top of the crank, and seat stays.

I know that the higher the number the better the bike. My dad has a 4200, so I was wondering what kind of improvments are made to make his bike better? And also what does the number 3500 stand for on my bike?

They've been basically giving non-number names (X-caliber, Marlin) and larger wheels to those bikes from the top down. All that's left at this point is the rim-brake equipped 3500. I suspect it will disappear shortly.

Trek used to have numbered series of bicycles. The first digit indicated which series. 1X00, 2X00, and 5X00 were road bikes. 3X00, 4X00, 6X00, and 8X00 were mountain bikes. 7X00 were hybrids. The second digit usually gave you a general idea of the component trim on the bike. 1200 was spec'd out nicer than 1000, 3700 nicer than 3500, 7700 nicer than 7100, and the rest.

Not all of Trek's bikes at the time had purely numerical naming conventions, and not all of the numbered bikes followed this rule. There were (and still are) a handful of bikes with 3-digit numbers for names. The 820 is a bargain bin high-tensile steel recreational mountain bike. The 520 is a chromoly steel tourer. The more recent 720 and 920 are aluminum tourers.

BIKEALOT partners with BIKE INDEX to register every bike we sell for free as a service to our customers. Anyone can register their bike for free here. BIKE INDEX is an excellent international open source database of bikes and their serial numbers to help recover stolen bikes while protecting owners' privacy. We love their mission and encourage you to check them out.

Our friends at Bike Index also created an easy PDF guide outlining 4 simple steps anyone can follow when buying a bike online to make sure they don't accidentally buy a stolen bike. Price too good to be true? Bike doesn't fit the seller, or s/he has 20 bikes listed and won't tell you the serial number? "Frankenbike" of mis-matched parts? Think twice! 350c69d7ab


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