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Broadchurch - Season 2

On 1 December 2014, a number of media outlets reported that ITV had commissioned a third series of Broadchurch.[2] ITV later that day denied that a third series had been greenlit.[3] Chibnall himself said on 18 December 2014 that a third season might not be possible. "Who knows who will be standing at the end (of series two)?", he told Broadcast magazine.[4]

Broadchurch - Season 2

Chibnall told the Daily Mirror in the summer of 2013 that "the focus of the next series will be on how the shattered community rebuilds itself after the grisly events" of series one.[24] Series one actor Will Mellor strongly implied in an interview that a new murder would not be the focus of the new season,[24] while actor David Tennant told the Associated Press that the series would go in a "very unexpected direction" which he called "as gripping as the first season".[25] While grief was the key theme of series one, Chibnall chose an entirely different theme for series two.[26] Tennant described series two, "Tonally, it's the same show, but structurally, it's completely different."[27]

According to Olivia Colman, Chris Chibnall telephoned the series one cast in April 2013 and secured their verbal assent to return for another season.[19] But it wasn't clear who would be returning. Jodie Whittaker said the cast was told during the week between episodes seven and eight of series one that Broadchurch was being brought back for a second season. But Chibnall did not tell the actors who would be returning for series two.[36]

This is it, guys. Broadchurch season 2 is almost over. And while I can't wait to find out what happened at Sandbrook, part of me is sad it's ending. (At least we now know there will be a season 3.)

Despite all of this, the second season of Broadchurch still makes for some compelling television. The acting is solid all round, with a little less overacting too. A predominantly unchanged cast makes the chemistry between the characters feel even more authentic than before and the talented duo at the forefront, Tennant and Colman, are outstanding yet again. With more emphasis on their professional relationship, the script allows for some very interesting scenes between the two that help elevate the show yet again.

Truthfully, I felt the season season was more interesting and compelling than the first. I personally loved the bitter showdowns between Jocelyn and Sharon. The conclusion was definitely fulfilling, but will leave a little to the imagination. The courtroom drama was enough to keep me amused and the addition of the Sandbrook investigation only spoiled me. Definitely looking forward to the 3rd season. The second deserves a 9 out of 10. 041b061a72


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