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Buy London Pass

Each pass is subject to a value of a maximum credit and you are unable to exceed this. 1 credit is worth 1 and your credits are redeemed when you enter attractions, reducing by the amount of the standard gate price of the attraction you enter.

buy london pass

Certain attractions will require a reservation. If this is the case, you will find all booking information listed on our reservations page and the individual attraction pages on our website and app. Some advance reservations will require a pass number or order reference number to secure your booking. This will not activate your pass.

Stasher has locations across the world where you can store your bag while you explore the city. Exclusive to passholders only, bookings can be made online here, and use the code LONDONPASS for 15% off.

For all customers that purchase passes from September 1 2020 onwards, you can now obtain refunds on unused passes for up to 90 days after purchase. See the Purchase Terms & Conditions for more information.

The London Pass includes free admission to a number of popular attractions in and around London, a sightseeing bus tour, and the possibility to add on a public transportation pass to travel throughout the city. The London Pass also comes with a free very useful smartphone app and downloadable guidebook.

Fast track options are available at several attractions, allowing one to enter a faster entrance line designed for pass and advance ticket holders. The London Pass also includes a free Thames River hop-on hop-off cruise, hop-on hop-off bus tickets, canal cruises, and guided city walking tours.

The pass also entitles the holder to a number of freebies at some museums and attractions that already have free entry such as free access to the IMAX 3D theater shows at The Science Museum. You can check out the full list of attractions here.

Note that while the pass ensures general admission, the pass may not cover admission to special exhibits, audioguides, or special events. Also reservations are necessary for some of the attractions, but these are noted in the free downloadable London Pass guidebook that comes with the passes as well as in the London Pass app, along with instructions on how to reserve if necessary.

The London Pass also includes a 1 day River Roamer pass with Uber Boat by Thames Clippers. This grants the holder 1 day access to the river service, which stops at 23 piers across the city. This is an excellent way to get around parts of central London, plus you get a lovely view from the river as bonus. This ticket can be redeemed from the ticket offices found on the piers between Westminster and North Greenwich.

The pass includes fast-track access to several attractions (e.g., Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, London Zoo) where you get to skip the ticket lines although it does not allow you to skip security lines (e.g., Tower of London).

All the London Passes cover the same attractions. There are adult passes (anyone 16 years or age or older) and child passes (children age 5 to 15), as children under 5 get free entrance to most attractions in London.

In terms of length, the London Pass is currently sold as a 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, 6-day, 7-day, or 10-day pass. Passes are activated after your first usage and must be used on consecutive days. So if you purchase a 3-day pass with your first visit to an attraction on June 4th, it will be valid from June 4th through June 6th.

The cost of the 4-day pass London pass + Travel is 201, which is an extra 45 as it includes my 40 of travel credit plus the 5 administration fee charged for the card. For many visitors this would probably be worth it as it is convenient and covers all the travel you should need for the duration of the trip and the credit never expires.

We always recommend printing out a physical copy of the pass in case your smartphone battery dies, and you will need data in order to purchase the app and add it to the app. We recommend running the app and checking you can display the pass before setting off.

If you are traveling as a group, you do not need a device each as multiple passes can be added to the app on one phone. If you would rather not use a smartphone at all, you can simply print out a physical copy of the pass and show the code when required.

Note that this was when the passes were available as a physical product that could be bought and picked up in person. This is no longer possible as of 2021 as the London Pass is now a mobile-only product. However, the general experience of using the pass is largely the same, other than the pickup experience.

Note that attractions are occasionally added and removed from the Pass. Our review reflects our experience at the time we used the London Pass. Some attractions may no longer be covered by the pass, and there may be new sights added in. It is always important to confirm which attractions are covered when planning your trip.

Yes, normally after you select the pass length, it gives you a checkbox option to add the travel card. I am also not seeing it at the moment on my laptop and will message them as it seems like it is an issue with their website. But it does seem to be working on mobile as I was able to do it on our phone. I am using a Chrome broswer on an Apple laptop so it may be a browser issue. I would recommend trying it on another browser and/or device.

Yes, I believe they do activate your pass when you pick up the Bus pass. So you would just want to pick up the bus pass the day you plan to use it. We recommend morning so you can get the full day worth.

Yes, I think buying the London Pass or not will depend on how many of the included places you plan to visit over the 3 or 4 days in London. The ags of your kids can also matter if they are under 18. I would recommend drafting an itinerary and list of attractions and see if you think the pass would be helpful or not for your trip.

A few of the attractions and the majority of the walking tours do require (or highly recommend) reservations with the London Pass, and you can see a list of those here and they give instructions on how to make the reservations once you have your pass.

So happy you are finding our London blog posts and tips helpful! For many years, the London Pass has been available both as a mobile and physical pass. But as of 2021, the London Pass (and many other city pases) is no longer available as a physical pass, only as a mobile pass. The guidebook is also a digital product now.

We have a separate post about the Oyster Card and also a post about London public transit options that may be useful. Just note to always check conditions as some things may have changed with various passes and transit due to pandemic.

The London Pass, like most passes, just covers the standard entry fees and whatever comes with normal entry if you purchased a standard admission ticket to the museum or attraction. So it does not normally include extra guided tours that may be offered so you would need to pay for those yourself.

Thank you for telling me about the London and Oyster pass which I purchased together. However when I arrivedin Gatwick my oyster pass slipped out of my hand and when I went to board the train to London It was gone . I traced mysteps but someone had already found it. I had to purchase another pass at the station. Can I get a refund on the onethat I lost ? I did not even use it. I have kept my other pass as I plan to return to London someday. Where canI email to give the company all the information of both numbers on the lost pass as well as My present pass. I willappreciate any advice you have to give. Thank youCarol Cravens

If that was the London Pass (you purchased the Oyster Card with the London Pass), you can contact them at 020 7293 0972 (UK contact number) or +44 20 7293 0972 (overseas number). The London Pass offers a 30 day money back guarantee but it requires sending them back the unused passes. If you would rather email them at or by using the contact form on their website.

You can see list of the places you can purchase the pass in the article above and on the London Pass website. I believe those are all listed, so yes, you should be able to purchase the London Pass at those locations.

Thanks for writing such a detailed post. I am convinced that I think the London pass would suit me. I am reaching June 9 and will be in London till June 15. I just need some assistance on the no of days for which I should take the pass. Here is the below itinerary I jotted down to make the best of it:Day 1: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, View from ShardDay 2: Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, Thames cruise in eveningDay 3: Wimbledon and Kew gardens OR Do the Little Venice and Camden tour and Wembley stadiumThings which we may not cover in London pass even though we will go there: most importantly Windsor Castle (however the transport options in Windsor, do not allow us to see the change of guard)We have already booked an evening harry potter tour for Day 4, so maybe we do the Windsor castle in the morning that day. Between Day 5 and Day 6, we plan to do a day tour to maybe Bath or Brighton.Again, not sure of the London pass duration

Hi! Thank you for writing such a detailed post on the London Pass! I have planned to buy the three days one, but my itinerary leave no time to do the hop on hop off bus tour and the river boat. Is it possible to do those at later date e.g my 4 or 5th day, even if I only have 3 days London pass?

And yes, a London Pass will save you time rather than buying individual tickets, so something to consider as well if you plan to buy passes for the adults in your family as you would still need to wait in line for discounted child tickets if they do not get in free.

This is such a wonderful post. This whole post along with the questions and answers is like a mini guide. We are planning to travel to London during May 2019. I see that there are some offers going on for London Passes now. Can I buy the passes now in March 2019 and use them in May 2019? 041b061a72


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