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Lucy From Diapersworldl

Lucy from Diapersworldl: The Serbian Digital Artist Who Is Taking Over OpenSea

Lucy from Diapersworldl is a pseudonym of a young and talented digital artist from Serbia, who has been creating stunning artworks using various software and tools. She is one of the rising stars in the NFT (non-fungible token) market, where her unique and colorful creations are attracting collectors and fans from all over the world.

Background and Inspiration

Lucy, whose real name is Ljubica, was born in 2000 in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. She grew up in a creative family, where her father was a painter and her mother was a graphic designer. She developed an interest in art and technology at an early age, and started experimenting with different programs and platforms. She learned how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Cinema 4D, and other software by watching tutorials and videos online.


Lucy's inspiration comes from various sources, such as cartoons, anime, video games, pop culture, nature, and her own imagination. She likes to mix different styles and elements, such as 3D models, 2D drawings, pixel art, glitch effects, neon colors, and more. She also likes to add humor and irony to her artworks, often featuring cute characters in absurd or surreal situations.

Style and Themes

Lucy's style is hard to define, as she is constantly exploring new possibilities and experimenting with different techniques. However, some of the common features of her artworks are:

  • They are vibrant and colorful, using a wide range of hues and shades.

  • They are playful and whimsical, showing a sense of fun and joy.

  • They are expressive and emotional, conveying various moods and feelings.

  • They are original and creative, showing a unique vision and perspective.

Some of the themes that Lucy explores in her artworks are:

  • The contrast between reality and fantasy, showing the gap or the connection between the two.

  • The exploration of identity and self-expression, showing how one can create or discover oneself through art.

  • The celebration of diversity and individuality, showing how one can be different and proud of it.

  • The critique of society and culture, showing how one can challenge or question the norms and values.

Achievements and Future Plans

Lucy has been creating digital artworks since she was 15 years old, but she only started selling them as NFTs in 2021. She joined OpenSea, one of the largest and most popular platforms for NFTs, where she created her own collection called "Lucy from Diapersworld [2021]". Since then, she has sold over 100 artworks for a total value of more than $500,000. Some of her most notable buyers include PerluWuska, a famous DJ and producer who also made a song inspired by her art, and WeCanTeamFCI, a group of writers who interviewed her for their website.

Lucy plans to continue creating more artworks and expanding her collection on OpenSea. She also wants to collaborate with other artists and creators from different fields and genres. She hopes to inspire more people to appreciate digital art and NFTs, as well as to express themselves through their own creativity.

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