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Polycom Configuration File Generator Tool

IC phone features require changes to the Polycom configuration files. The SIP configuration file (sip.cfg) contains SIP protocol and core configuration settings that typically affect an entire installation. This file is supplied in the Polycom firmware.

Polycom Configuration File Generator Tool

The IP Phone Configurator creates the xIC.cfg file which overrides attribute values in sip.cfg. We recommend that you do not modify the sip.cfg file. If you store all site-wide configuration values in the xIC.cfg file, and then you can install Polycom firmware upgrades without replacing previous configuration changes.

IP Phone Configurator is a tool that speeds up the initial configuration of large numbers of Polycom phones. For more information, see "Download the IP Phone Configurator utility" under "Polycom Related Files" on the SIP-Related Download Files page at -platforms/Pages/SIP-Related-Download-Files.aspx.

EDIT: Importing single or multiple configuration values via the Web Interface has a higher priority than a configuration file provisioned value and will overwrite the original set parameter.

EDIT: The configuration values provided via this method reads the files left to right. Meaning if a value is placed in a single or different configuration file and value 1 enables a feature and value 2 disable this feature only value 1 is prioritized and value 2 is ignored. The same is applicable the other way around.

This matches the factory configuration so specifying the file within the config_files="" section would not actually make any changes unless this applications.cfg file would be modified.

All of these supported and qualified devices will share the same base firmware provided by the UCS 4.1.0 software release which utilizes a completely new, and streamlined provisioning process. The Polycom server-based provisioning process is still available for large deployments, but for dealing with small numbers of devices or end-user provisioning there is a new Out of the Box (OOTB) user experience that is much simplified over the previous process. In most environments there is no longer any requirement to use any XML configuration files as documented in this previous article.

In the previous 4.0 release it was required to provide a number of configuration settings specific to Microsoft Lync registration via an XML configuration file, either manually or via a centralized provisioning server. As stated before it is still possible to use the centralized server to provide additional custom parameters if desired, but for simply locating and registering to a Lync Server no configuration file is needed in the 4.1 release. These required parameters are built-in to the new firmware and simply need to be enabled by selecting a special base profile for the device.

Very nice article, thank you for sharing. One question, with this lab setup, I assume the password and usernames stored in the configuration files are sent over the wire in clear text? To lock this down, could we use HTTPS instead of FTP? Can DNS options 43 and 120 be used to ensure the device downloads the CA root cert so that the initial SSL connection to the web server works?

Lex, that is correct. Ideally you want to configure DHCP 43 and then there is no need to include the certificate in the provisioning files. Additionally if you use a secure file transfer protocol then any username/password information stored in the phone configuration files will not be transfered in clear text across the network.

You will need to copy the Office365 folder with the files you downloaded in Step 6 to the machine without a network connection via a CD/DVD/USB drive. Once the files have been copied to the machine without a network connection, you can run the setup.exe /CONFIGURE configuration.xml command to begin the installation.

I just followed my tutorial step by step and did not run into this issue. All that was needed with the /DOWNLOAD paramter and it automatically used the configuration.xml file to download the requested files.


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