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Duratrax Real Race G2 Download UPDATED

i'm currently racing my trf201 using a tble-02s esc. i have it set to 20% drag brake and 40% brake, no reverse. it lacks low voltage cutoff for lipo but a 5 minute qualifying race and an 8 minute main aren't enough to threaten dropping below minimum recommended voltage on the battery. there's a lot of marketing hype around escs. i'm beginning to wonder if i would have better control or more importantly to me, brakes if i went with something else. i like the price, design and 25 year warranty of the lrp spin super. the team orion r10 stock looks even nicer. i suppose i won't really know if they're any better unless i try but that's an expensive experiment. does anyone have experience using some of these more expensive escs are they really all the marketing hype makes them up to be will i notice a difference if i switch over to one from my tble-02s

Duratrax Real Race G2 Download


racing rules: trackside raceway utilizes roar guidelines ( ) for off-road classes and dodc rules ( for our race program. all acceptable motors, batteries and speed controls can be found via those sanctioning bodies. if you have a question or concern, please bring it to the attention of trackside staff members or the race director.

the tble-02s is a good smooth sensored esc, but not really for race, i have a tekin rsx gen 2 in my sct, and a rx8 gen 2 in my truggy, there is a noticeable difference in the response between either of my tekins compared to the tble,. cheap hobbywing clones are ok for bashing and messing about around the yard, but not in a racing environment, for that a hobbywing xerun sct pro is about your best choice vs price point, there are guys here running these in their sct's and their 1/8th buggies and truggies, so it will handle pretty much anything you throw at it with the trf201.


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