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About Jess

 In the year 2020 Jessica Jackson started painting to deal with depression and anxiety. Painting allowed her to process any and every emotion she felt during the difficult times of COVID and the shutdown. Painting became the love of Jackson’s life, her ultimate passion! It became a way for her to dare to test her limits and to explore. It allows Jackson to be her true self, and she wholeheartedly believes that if it were not for paint, this version of her would never exist, and with that she’s very grateful for any gifts that she has. Painting not only grounded her, but also became a playground for her mind to play in when the world is just too hard.

In 2022, she got the opportunity to begin painting murals for Mural Arts Philadelphia. Since 2022 she has assisted in painting various murals throughout the city of Philadelphia with Mural Arts Philadelphia and Amber Arts & Design.

Art is often used to fight and find solutions to community and world issues. Jackson feels a sense of responsibility to use the platform of art to reach back out and help find solutions to community issues. She enjoys mentoring the youth and bringing the community together in a peaceful way.

In 2023, Jackson decided to branch out. She wanted to create something that encompassed all that she artistically does- which is, mentoring, murals, canvas art & design. She created M/A/D as a result.

She now has two main life goals - one is to be the example she wanted to see growing up, and the second is to simply make a difference in the world.



Get to Know M/A/D

MAD (Murals, Art & Design) was created in 2023 by Jessica Jackson, an artist/muralist and mental health advocate. MAD’s mission is to promote art, as a mental health outlet for the community, and “at risk” youth, by way of, murals, art & design. Publicly, art can be used to promote change on major world/life issues, and MAD has a desire to do just that.

Some of the issue we are passionate about are:

  • Gun Violence

  • School Bullying

  • Mental Health

If you feel as strongly about change as we do, then MAD is here for you to!

What services does M/A/D provide?

  • Community Paint Days

We provide this service for business establishments and schools. Community paint days can be extremely beneficial. from helping children process complicated emotions to increasing moral in the office space. We are here for you.

  • Outdoor Murals

  • Indoor Murals 


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